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Comcast Cares Day at COF

April 16, 2018

This Saturday is Comcast Cares Day at Community of Faith. Comcast, as you probably know, is a nationwide cable TV service provider. For the past 18 years Comcast has sponsored a day of service, Comcast Cares Day, to work with non-profit organizations across the country. Because of our connection with SPARK we (and SPARK) were nominated and selected as one of 6 non-profits in the Cincinnati area to be chosen for this project.

With some hands-on help, some tools and a grant from Comcast we’ll be filling cracks, scraping and painting; we’ll be cutting bushes and planting flowers; and we’ll be doing some deep cleaning in places that we’re not usually able to clean. At the same time we will come to know some of our neighbors from Comcast– even if they’re not from our “neighborhood.” We’ll get to know some SPARK parents and have a day of fellowship and partnership with them. And you’re welcome to stop by see what we’re doing, have a sandwich, or even grab a paint roller, shovel or shop vac and help out!